Michael Wright to be Guest Artist at Siggraph 2007

Michael Wright is a digital art pioneer and long time user of Studio Artist. Michael will be a guest artist at this summer's Siggraph Conference in San Diego Aug 5-9. Michael will also have one of his Studio Artist paintings curated into the Siggraph Gallery this year. If you have never been to a Siggraph convention, its definitely worth checking out at www.siggraph.org/s2007/ . There's something for everyone, whether you're more artistically focused or technically inclined. Michael's portrait virus project in the Siggraph Guerilla Studio was always a favorite of mine info on the portrait virus . Guerilla Studio is also a great resource for digital artists since they provide free access to large format printers, computers, and other cutting edge digital art technology as a resource for digital artists attending the conference.

To learn more about Michael and his extensive body of work you can check out his web site here .