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Welcome to Studio Artist News. We created this blog to provide a source of new information for Studio Artist Users. We'll be profiling Studio Artist Users, providing Studio Artist tips, discussing computer art, digital painting, visual perception, video special effects, etc.

Studio Artist is the award winning graphics synthesizer created by Synthetik Software. Studio Artist's unique auto-rotoscoping capabilities, based on academic research into cognitive neuroscience and visual perception in the brain, allow for automatic or intelligent assisted painting of either still images or video.

Studio Artist is an extremely powerful interactive software program that can be used for many diverse applications including digital painting, photo manipulation and image processing effects, auto rotoscoping, video painting and video special effects, live video processing, hand drawn or keyframe interpolated or dynamic procedural animation, image and video warping or morphing, photo mosaic and movie mosaic effects, texture synthesis, raster to vector conversion, fractal or chaotic attractor or procedural computer art generation, etc.

Studio Artist’s Paint Synthesizer takes a lot of ideas from music synthesis and audio software and brings them to the realm of computer graphics and video processing. You have extensive control over editing the look and feel of a digital paint brush through over 450 editable parameters. We also offer the most extensive interactive support for Wacom tablets which greatly enriches the interactive digital painting experience through the use of a pressure and tilt sensitive pen for drawing or painting. Thousands of pre-built preset paint brushes and effects come with Studio Artist. These presets can all be customized through parameter editing or you can build new ones from scratch.

Studio Artist also includes an extensive suite of image processing, texture synthesis, image warping and image adjustment functionality. Multiple individual actions within Studio Artist can be scripted by recording a sequence of painting or image processing steps as a Paint Action Sequence. A Paint Action Sequence can be thought of as a stylistic script that can then be applied to multiple images or to movie files. Because Studio Artist includes extensive intelligent visual modeling based on academic research in cognitive neuroscience under the hood of its various processing modules, paint and image processing effects can adapt to different images or video frames to intelligently render them in a specified artistic style.

Studio Artist 3.5 ships with the MSG Evolver application as well as an integrated Supersizer Interpolator. MSG Evolver is the editing application you can use to create and edit MSG (modular synthesized graphics) presets. MSG presets can be used in Studio Artist as image processing or video effects as well as paint brushes or path start generators in the Studio Artist paint synthesizer. MSG presets can also procedurally self animate over time to create dynamic abstract animations or video special effects.

Supersizer allows you to take a small photo or video frame and make it much larger without the block artifacts associated with conventional interpolation techniques (like bi-cubic interpolation). Supersizer can be used to take very small jpeg images and blow them up for high quality print applications, or to up-res digital video to high-def or even larger format sizes. We’ll be exploring both of these additional topics in depth over time.

You can learn more about Studio Artist and Synthetik Software at www.synthetik.com.

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