Adding Dimensionality to Vectorized Cartoon Effects

One cool feature of Studio Artist is the Vectorizer, which can take a color raster image and turn it into an infinite variety of different flat color vector region cartoon styles. But the really great thing about Studio Artist is that you also have a complete environment for creating custom effects by combining different operation modes like the Vectorizer with the many other types of processing available in Studio Artist. This includes things like the Paint Synthesizer, the Texture Synthesizer, MSG Processing, Warping, as well as the Image Operations. By combining different operation modes together in a Paint Action Sequence script, you really can create an infinite variety of unique and custom visual effects.

As an example of what I mean by combining together different operation modes to create custom visual effects, there is a new tutorial up on the Studio Artist User Forum that discusses how to add dimensionality to the standard flat color region cartoon effect you can create with the Studio Artist Vectorizer.

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