Friday, July 13, 2007

Siggraph Guerilla Studio

Siggraph is happening August 5 through 9th in San Diego this year. Guerilla Studio is a unique resource available at Siggraph every year where digital artists can have access to computers and various fine art printers and other output devices. Synthetik will be providing copies of Studio Artist 3.5 and MSG Evolver for all of the Macintosh computer stations in Guerilla Studio at Siggraph San Diego. Wacom will be providing tablets for all these machines as well, and will also have copies of Studio Artist available on the demo machines in their tradeshow exhibit booth. So, if you live in the San Diego area or if you are traveling to Siggraph be sure to take advantage of Guerilla Studio, the various art and animation galleries, the exhibit tradeshow, and the various graphics courses, workshops offered at Siggraph.

Studio Artist user Michael Wright will be an artist in residence at Guerilla Studio this year. So be sure to say hello to Michael and check out his work. Michael has an interesting project planned combining his live work in Guerilla Studio with a virtual gallery in Second Life that will be available to anyone on the web. The image above shows Michael in a previous Siggraph Guerilla Studio when he was doing live portraits using Studio Artist's iSight source mode and a firewire video camera to capture live images on the fly and then create painted images within Studio Artist for his portrait virus project. We'll be posting more information on this later.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Mark Lawrence's Abstract Expressionism

I recently had the chance to check out Studio Artist user Mark Lawrence's extensive online artwork gallery at Mark is based in Alpharetta Georgia and most of his spiritually inspired artwork is rendered in a very colorful abstract expressionist style. There's a wide variety of artwork on the site for your viewing pleasure that can also be purchased as photos or posters.

A quote from the site that I think does a good job of describing his artwork is the following. "The bright and contrasting colors seem to burst from the canvas and grasp the viewer’s mind and heart. While the works are intentionally abstract, many viewers do perceive people, faces and images veiled in the works".