Second Life Virtual Studio Artist Gallery

One of the things Siggraph Guerilla Studio artist in residence Michael Wright is showing off this week in San Diego is his virtual Studio Artist gallery located in the virtual space of Second Life. The image to the left is a screen capture of one wall of the virtual gallery space. The complete virtual gallery is located over several floors of a floating building located in Second Life at Otis Island (196, 255, 156), and is filled with artwork created exclusively in Studio Artist.

Michael also has a power mac portable running Studio Artist along with a firewire video camera he's using with Studio Artist in iSight source mode to capture live video imagery he then manipulates and paints within Studio Artist. There's also a complete computer lab at this years Guerilla Studio equipped with multiple macs running Studio Artist as well as extensive printing facilities, so if you're in San Diego feel free to check out Siggraph Guerilla Studio and say hello to Michael.

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