Half Life

'Half-Life' is a film by Jennifer Phang that premiered at Sundance 2008 and has been winning awards at various film festivals this year. The film also features some visual sequences rendered using Studio Artist. There's a Seattle International Film Festival showing June 6,7th, and a Los Angeles Film Festival showing June 29th. For more information on the upcoming screenings check out the official site for Half Life at www.halflifemovie.com. There's a link there to watch the trailer, and when you get near the end of the trailer you'll start to see some excerpts of some Studio Artist processed footage.

We're hoping to get some more information posted here on the making of Half Life. Make sure to check out the various film festival showings and please go see the film when there's a screening near you. This is the second year in a row there's been a Sundance film that features Studio Artist.

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