Year of the Fish - SF Gate Review

The San Francisco Chronicle via their SF Gate web site posted a review of David Kaplan's Studio Artist animated feature film 'Year of the Fish'. Year of the Fish has it's theatrical debut on August 29th in San Francisco, Berkley, and New York City.

Additional theatrical showings nationwide will include Huntington and Cambridge Harvard Square on 9/19, Seattle, Atlanta, Austin, Santa Fe, Dallas, Honolulu, Pleasantville, NY (Jacob Burns), Portland, and San Antionio in Sept/Oct. Check out for more information on theatrical showings in a theatre near you.

Year of the Fish is really a must see for all Studio Artist users and fans. David's Studio Artist generated paint animation is beautifully executed and really serves to showcase the underlying story. I really feel the film is a showcase for what can be artistically achieved by a single individual using Studio Artist.

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