Tucker Stilley at Monte Vista Projects

Studio Artist user Tucker Stilley (aka New Jack Rasputan) has an on-going exhibition at the Monte Vista Projects in LA. The exhibition is part installation, part interactive performance. The walls are covered with digital prints of various sizes, rendered in a loose, lively, collage-like style, as well as passages of printed text — fragments of his own conversation, primarily, as spoken through a computer. The interactive element comes by way of a monitor with a live feed to Stilley’s residence in Pasadena, where he has remained during gallery hours through the duration of the show, watching the activity in the gallery via surveillance camera, making work, demonstrating his methods and chatting with anyone who wishes to communicate.

The exhibition is part of a larger project, “The Permanent Record of NewJack Rasputin,” collected under the aegis of a website at web.mac.com/the.permanent.record. The live feed 'Hole in Space' can be checked out here, or via the site thepermanentrecord.ning.com.

The LA Times has a great review of the exhibition you can check out here. Tucker's work is pretty inspiring, and it's great that he's using Studio Artist to generate it. You can also check out some of Tucker's additional work via the Studio Artist User Forum here.