Jean Detheux at Siggraph 2009

Studio Artist animator Jean Detheux will be offering a course at Siggraph in New Orleans on Monday August 3rd from 8:30 to 10:15 am. The course is entitled 'The Making of "Shade Recovered" : Networked Senses at Play'. The course will cover topics like 'An exploration of sense-giving and sense-receiving in the visual aspect of visual music', 'A look at how music informs images, and images inform music', and 'Using Studio Artist in search of fortuitous accidents in time'.

Jean's Studio Artist animated film 'Shade Recovered' is also being presented in the curated reel of the Siggraph 2009 computer animation festival, and will be shown at scheduled times all week during Siggraph 2009. If you are curious about Jean's extensive body of work you can check out his web site at

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