Compulsing Through a Tired Millenia: Digital Media by Thorrific

Studio Artist user Thorrific has an art opening tonight August 23rd at the Metrognome Collective in Fort Worth Texas from 7 to 9 pm. There's a live band Twigs and Yarn afterwards from 9 -11pm. Thor's work always puts a smile on my face, so if you're in the Fort Worth area stop by and check it out. The gallery's normal viewing hours are from 4-9 pm thursday-sunday.

The online review states "caustic and needling, Thor's interactive artworks, animations, and static images plainly expose the irony of free-market existence and its sustenance of third world, war-torn suffering."

The Metrognome Collective was formed to educate, promote and assist visual artists, musicians, writers, performers and filmmakers, and is located at 4147 Meadowbroke Dr., Fort Worth, Texas. You can checkout their web site here.

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