Rays of Light

Studio Artist user Adrian Wagner recently completed his 90 minute film 'Rays of Light'. The film is a journey of light through the spiritual, sacred, and ritual landscapes of the ancient past when centers like Avebury, Callanish, and Stonehenge were created. Rays of Light combines specially composed music with unique moving painted art animation and a narrated account written by John Sharkey, author of the international best selling book Celtic Mysteries.

Adrian says that nearly the entire film was rendered using Studio Artist, with some sections combining together 7 or 8 different layers of auto-rotoscoped paint animation processing. Creating the 90 minute film was a major 8 year odyssey for Adrian, so it's awesome that the finished film is now completed.

Adrian discuses the making of the film and his use of Studio Artist in more depth on his web site. For more information on 'Rays of Light' check out this web link.

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