Friday, October 23, 2009

Festival du Nouveau Cinema Followup

Studio Artist user Jean Detheux has been busy lately with live visual music performances using Studio Artist. The photo above was taken at his recent live performance at Festival du Nouveau Cinema with musician Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven. You can see Jean below (on the left) busy working with Studio Artist on an iMac during the live visual performance.

They also performed the same show the next night at the Case Obscura in Montreal. Here's some additional information on the Oct 21st show.

Pierre Jalbert, the composer of the "L'œil écoute" music for Jean's animated film that premièred in Pittsburgh last July, had that piece performed again in Houston on July 10. The photo above was taken at the Houston performance.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thorrific at Largo Vista Gallery

Studio Artist user Thor Johnson has an exhibit in Lago Vista Gallery at Richland College through November 25th. The work covers topics of spiritual symbology, excess and greed in the 80’s, popular culture satire, and interactive abstract videos developed from a layering of computer based processes.

Thor also gave a live performance at the gallery using Studio Artist on Oct 21st. There's some video of the opening performance and additional information on the show at this link.

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Making of Truth Blues

Truth Blues is an award winning independent short film made by Studio Artist user Mike Snell of Blue Wall Design. The film showcases some really creative ways to incorporate Studio Artist processing into an animated film that go way beyond the normal process the entire video frame in one pass approach that is typically used. I recently spoke to Mike about the making of the film.

"As far as the workflow went-- It is a mix of roto-scoped HD video, Photoshopped stills, 3D animated objects and green screened people.  The primary tools were Shake, Motion, Final Cut, Color and of course Studio Artist. I tried many, many variations in the Studio Artist Paint Action Sequence (PASeq) Editor to get to the look I was shooting for.  That is one of the features I truly love about Studio Artist.  You can build up effects and try many variations and then delete, double-up, tweek or add yet another pass all within the PASeq.  

I have found that your software has given me a bit of an edge in a market that often kicks out things that look just like the things the guy down the street kicked out.  After running each individual element through a Studio Artist PASeq I then composited everything in Motion adding camera moves, depth of field etc."

Breaking up the individual elements of an animation scene and then processing them individually with Studio Artist prior to compositing the final scene together is an interesting approach that has a really great visual look that is very unique. Mike used Motion for his final compositing of the individual Studio Artist processed animation elements.

A different approach that would have a very unique aesthetic look unlike any other compositing program would be to run multiple passes of alpha matted or green screened source elements through Studio Artist while painting into a master composition movie file. The PASeq would be constructed so that paint strokes would only occur starting from within the matted source elements, but could then spill outside of the original matte boundaries.

You could use a PASeq Content Context action step to do this in Studio Artist version 4, or content layer keyframes in Studio Artist 3.5. Because the individual elements would be individually painted onto the master movie layer you could incorporate smear and mixing effects as the individual processed scene elements were over-painted that you could never get in a conventional compositing program.

Mike also pointed out a killer feature of Studio Artist, which is that it is an environment for creating an endless variety of custom artistic effects. So when you buy Studio Artist you aren't just getting a set of canned stock effects that everyone in the universe is also using. You're getting the ability to customize and tweak to your hearts content. Either to modify existing effect presets, or to create amazing new effects no one has every seen before that have your own custom signature or aesthetic look.

I think that Mike achieved this with the overall look and feel of Truth Blues. It definitely looks like Studio Artist, but at the same time he has stamped his own personal vision and artistic aesthetic on that Studio Artist look and made it his own.

Make sure to look for Truth Blues at a film festival near you. You can lean more about Blue Wall Design here.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Truth Blues

Truth Blues is an award winning film created by Studio Artist user Mike Snell. It features some great Studio Artist processing, and was the winner of the 2009 Kansas City Film Festival's Best of Feature Short and Best Animation awards. You can check out the trailer for Truth Blues at Mike's Blue Wall Design web site here. Mike's demos page on the Blue Wall Design site also includes some additional nice examples of Studio Artist generated video processing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Festival du Nouveau Cinema

Studio Artist user Jean Detheux will be doing a live visual performance happening in conjunction with acclaimed pianist Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven on October 15th at 9pm. Jean will be working with Studio Artist 4 live during the performance. For more information on the festival check out this link.

Here's a more detailed description of what to expect from the upcoming performance. 'Normally, when you present a piece, you specify your intentions. But in this case, it is the absence of intention that defines our performance. We are not hoping for anything in particular to take place since it is precisely the “whatever happens” that interests us—all the more so if it is beyond our will or our control. We can say that the performance will be comprised of certain elements. There will be music, both early (Frescobaldi, Dowland, Couperin) and contemporary (Jean-Luc Fafchamps, John Adams, Steve Reich, Maurice Ravel, Claude Ledoux, Collard-Neven). There will also be free improvisation, music that doesn’t yet exist but lives only in the realm of possibility. At the same time, there will be images, drawn and reworked, as well as photos that don’t tell a story, a sort of abstract impressionism. Lastly, there will be a painterfilmmaker and a pianist who (re)discovered each other and (re)connnected somewhere beyond time and space and who very much look forward to the unexpected possibilities of their visual and sonic interplay.'

Jean's Studio Artist generated film La Folia is also showing at the festival on October 10th and 14th.