Festival du Nouveau Cinema

Studio Artist user Jean Detheux will be doing a live visual performance happening in conjunction with acclaimed pianist Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven on October 15th at 9pm. Jean will be working with Studio Artist 4 live during the performance. For more information on the festival check out this link.

Here's a more detailed description of what to expect from the upcoming performance. 'Normally, when you present a piece, you specify your intentions. But in this case, it is the absence of intention that defines our performance. We are not hoping for anything in particular to take place since it is precisely the “whatever happens” that interests us—all the more so if it is beyond our will or our control. We can say that the performance will be comprised of certain elements. There will be music, both early (Frescobaldi, Dowland, Couperin) and contemporary (Jean-Luc Fafchamps, John Adams, Steve Reich, Maurice Ravel, Claude Ledoux, Collard-Neven). There will also be free improvisation, music that doesn’t yet exist but lives only in the realm of possibility. At the same time, there will be images, drawn and reworked, as well as photos that don’t tell a story, a sort of abstract impressionism. Lastly, there will be a painterfilmmaker and a pianist who (re)discovered each other and (re)connnected somewhere beyond time and space and who very much look forward to the unexpected possibilities of their visual and sonic interplay.'

Jean's Studio Artist generated film La Folia is also showing at the festival on October 10th and 14th.

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