Craig Deeley's Natural Media Presets

Studio Artist user Craig Deeley has put together a really wonderful collection of natural media paint presets. These presets are primarily designed for manual hand painting, and emulate different natural media types. The different art media tools provided include things like watercolor, ink, charcoal, pencil, oil paint, pastels, and crayons as well as more exotic tools like his awesome sumi brushes and wet smear presets.

Some of Craig's natural media presets are included as the CD_Hand_Drawn_Media collection in the Studio Artist 4 factory paint synthesizer presets. Craig recently posted some additional natural media presets that expand on the range of effects available in the factory collection you can download here. These are all Studio Artist 4 paint presets, they won't work properly in previous versions of Studio Artist.

The great thing about Studio Artist's paint synthesizer is the extreme flexibility it provides for building custom painting effects. So you can emulate traditional painting tools if you wish. Or you can go boldly into the digital future where no one has gone before, and create your own signature artistic look by editing custom preset tools that reflect your unique artistic style and vision.

You can check out more of Craig's artwork at his web site Craig has also posted some examples of his work that showcase his natural media preset collection in the Studio Artist User Forum photo section.

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