Gallery Show 'Surprise Me'

Gallery Show is a new automated presentation feature in Studio Artist 4. Gallery Show allows you to construct custom art shows that could be displayed in a gallery or used in a live performance. Gallery Show is also a great tool for automatically generating collections of art images and the presets that built them. You can set up a gallery show run, then come back several hours later and cull through the results, looking for keeper images and keeper preset processing effects.

Gallery Shows are based on a set of Gallery preferences that can be edited to customize a gallery show presentation. There are a number of different techniques that can be selected to build a gallery show. Some techniques are based on working with factory presets or sets of custom presets you build and store in a favorites folder. Other techniques are based on mutating and evolving sets of presets or operation mode settings.

One fun technique is called Surprise Me. This technique does exactly what you might expect, something different every time it runs. It culls through all of the different technique options, randomly choosing a new one for each gallery show cycle. Many of the individual techniques have additional options, so the range of potential effects that can be created with a surprise me gallery show technique is indeed quite surprising.

Everyone at Synthetik Software is very familiar with Studio Artist and all of the different things it can do. But we're still constantly amazed at the new effects we discover when we run gallery show.

Individuals often tend to gravitate towards certain favorite presets or processing techniques when working with software. Working with gallery show can help to break you out of repetitive work patterns you've grown accustomed to using, and in doing so can lead you to new types of artistic effects and educate you about the incredible range of potential visual effects Studio Artist is capable of achieving.

Like any artistic process, there will be keepers and junk. So if a particular gallery show cycle generates something not too interesting, just ignore it and wait to see what happens next. You could run a Surprise Me gallery show all week and it will still be generating new and interesting images the whole time.

You can stream your gallery show art out to a folder of images by using an image stream. And you can record the mutated presets generated during the gallery show run by turning on history recording. These Studio Artist features give you the ability to record what a gallery show run is generating and then cull through the results at a later time. Like any generative artistic process, you evaluate the results, keep the interesting images and effect presets, and throw away the rest.

You can also take the results of a gallery show run and turn it into a unique custom movie brush to build photo mosaic effects. Moving the initial gallery show generative art process to a whole new level.

If you desire more control in putting together a custom gallery show than just the element of surprise and extreme variation you get using the surprise me technique, then you can work with custom preset folders. There's an endless range of ever evolving visual effects and aesthetic looks you can achieve by carefully designing sets of presets that work together to build your desired gallery show aesthetic. Custom Favorites preset folders allow you to mix and match different preset types together to build you custom visual performance.

Gallery shows can be constructed to work with random source images from an image collection of your choosing, from a single static image, or from live video captures taken at the beginning of each gallery show cycle. Additional processing presets can also be incorporated at the start of the gallery show cycle to modify the last gallery show display image before the new processing effect in the current cycle is run.

All of the images in this post were generated during a single gallery show surprise me run. They are just a few of the unque art images and processing effects generated during this single gallery show run.

Gallery show is an amazing new feature in Studio Artist 4. Probably the most amazing thing about it is all the cool effects we don't even know about waiting to be discovered from working with gallery show.

There's a tutorial tip on the Studio Artist Tips blog you can read that presents more information on how to build a custom gallery show. For more information on working with gallery show check out the tip.

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