Studio Artist 4.02 Update Available

The latest Studio Artist 4.02 update is now available as a free update for all registered Studio Artist 4 customers. Studio Artist 4.02 contains a number of new features, as well as bug fixes and enhancements.

Gallery Show is a cool new feature in version 4 that allows you to build custom free running art shows or automatically generate an infinite range of new presets and/or art images. Gallery Show has been significantly enhanced in version 4.02, including the new Current Factory and Mutate Current Factory techniques, some additional paint draw options, and the new auto mask options. Two different folders of presets can now be used simultaneously to build customized gallery shows.

Paint Action Sequences can also now be mutated during gallery show runs or via new evolution command links in the integrated help browser. The image at the top of this post was created during an automatic gallery show run based on mutating factory presets. The range of different potential artistic effects that can be created by customized or factory mutated gallery show runs is simply amazing.

The Vectorizer includes a number of new features for the image, shape, and outline techniques as well as some new coloring options. Some additional speed enhancements were also added to the shape technique in addition to a wider range of potential visual effects.

There are new Watershed Sketch and Mass Abstractor image operation effects. The Smart Contrast image operation now supports vector output. There's also some new MSG processors for building modular image processing effects, including live slit scan processing.

The paint synthesizer has some new compositing options to better support adding paper and canvas texture simulations to arbitrary paint presets. The paint synthesizer evolution help page in the integrated help browser has a number of new expanded command options. The paint synthesizer macro edit help page also has a number of new expanded command options. These feature enhancements make it even easier to generate new paint presets or edit existing ones using high level editing commands.

Studio Artist 4 is the next generation of Studio Artist digital art, image and video processing software.  With version 4 we’ve now opened up the Studio Artist experience to Windows as well as Mac users.  Mac users will be pleased that version 4 is a universal binary application with faster native processing speed on both Intel and PPC Macs.  Windows users will be pleased that they can now run Studio Artist on their Windows computers. Studio Artist 4 is compatible with Apple computers running OSX 10.4 through the latest OSX 10.6, and with Windows computers running Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7.

Studio Artist 4 still provides the same graphics synthesizer editing metaphors, intelligent visual processing and smart automatic drawing capabilities developed in previous versions of Studio Artist.  But the underlying code base was extensively rewritten in version 4 to allow for support of existing features while also providing a solid platform for future development. We also added a ton of new features, enhancements, workflow and speed optimizations.

Studio Artist 4.02 is available today. For more information email techsupport AT synthetik DOT com.