No Man's Land

Scottish/Burmese composer and vocalist Fiona Soe Paing, in a collaboration with New Zealand based Studio Artist animation artist Zennor Alexander, perform the surreal live cinema show No Man's Land, featuring experimental electronica, original animation and live vocals, at the Roxy Art House in Edinburgh on Sunday August 29th. (more info)

Zennor's latest animation called "Tah Stin Koh Mpor" uses quite a bit of Studio Artist generated animation, and has a really interesting and unique visual style. You can check out this animation along with other examples of Zennor's Colliderscope work here.

Colliderscope combines off-world, skeletal electronica, live vocals and surreal storybook animations in their ethereal live cinema performance and DVDs. With vocals in Burmese, English, and invented "No Man's" language, Colliderscope explores the space between dreaming and waking, lost identities and found objects, where meaning is created from random events, and definition from the blurring of boundaries. Zennor and Paing's Colliderscope project also had a successful new DVD launch recently in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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