Charis Tsevis's Digital Styling

Peraformi recently posted an article on Studio Artist user Charis Tsevis. In it he talks about his fascination with the concept of 'media mosaics', relating the notion of complexity in photo mosaic imagery to chaotic systems. He also talks about his work designing Studio Artist generated photo mosaics during the Obama 08 campaign for the 'Designing Obama book.

Charis is a big user of the paint synthesizer movie brush feature in Studio Artist for constructing his stunning photo mosaic work.

I'm also very curious to see how he will use the new Stretch2 Source Brush feature in the upcoming Studio Artist 4.03 release after viewing the top illustration he made for the publication RAM depicting a media interconnected businessman. The new Stretch2 Brush Type used in conjunction with a movie brush allows for innovative new kinds of photo mosaic imagery where the individual sub-image elements of the mosaic can twist and flow while following a paint path.

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