Saturday, October 16, 2010

New Blog for Studio Artist Effect Ideas

I've started a new personal art blog at that provides information on creating different kinds of artistic effects using Studio Artist.

The goal is to provide a forum to quickly post short tutorial tips. The emphasis is more on 'how to create a specific art example' kinds of posts, as opposed to the more technical reference oriented posts at the Studio Artist tips site.

This new blog is just getting started, but over time i hope it will build into another useful information resource for Studio Artist users.

Also, don't forget to check out the main Studio Artist User Forum at The forum always has some kind of interesting art related discussion going on, and is an excellent place to ask a question if you are stumped on how to do something in Studio Artist, or just want to meet and hang out with other Studio Artist users. The User Forum is a complete social web 2.0 destination, so you can make you own personal home page with it's own integrated blog posts, post your own Studio Artist generated art, and check out other users's posted art and movie projects created with Studio Artist. There's also a preset sharing group that provides ongoing access to new Studio Artist presets.

Anyone specifically interested in animation or movie processing using Studio Artist should also check out the new Studio Artist User's Showcase at vimeo. If you are a Studio Artist animator and have some of your work on vimeo, pleas join the new showcase and cross post your Studio Artist generated animations or movie processing effects to the showcase for others to share.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Paper Cup to Heaven

'Paper Cup to Heaven' is a short film created by Studio Artist animator Barbara Carroll that was recently accepted into the HDFest in Portland Oregon taking place this December 2010. The short film deals with loss and the fragility of life. More information on the film and show times can be found on Barbara's web site.

Barbara is an award-winning director, animator, and video game designer. You can check out the trailer for Paper Cup to Heaven here.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ellen Horovitz's Media Manipulations

Studio Artist user Ellen Horovitz has recently been blogging about different approaches to working with or subverting various kinds of digital printer media to achieve different analog style artistic effects. One recent post discusses a low cost approach to generating digitally printed transfers onto substrates that emulates the look of old Polaroid 669 film at a much lower cost. Another post describes using Sheer Heaven ink jet paper with color laser printing to achieve the look of Fuji analog film.

There's a long history of experimentation with different printer inks, papers, transparency materials, subverting their normal prescribed uses to achieve different artistic effects. A willing nature to experiment is the key for this kind of work, trying out different combinations of materials and printing techniques and noting what combinations work or not for your particular stylistic interests. Ellen likes the look of analog film, but the price is prohibitive for her students and some of her experimental techniques can achieve the same kind of analog print aesthetic looks at a fraction of the cost of more traditional approaches to generating the print.

Dr Horovitz is the Director of Graduate Art Therapy at Nazareth College in Rochester. She's also finishing up a new book that will feature some of her recent experiments working with Studio Artist.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Charis Tsevis's Digital Styling

Peraformi recently posted an article on Studio Artist user Charis Tsevis. In it he talks about his fascination with the concept of 'media mosaics', relating the notion of complexity in photo mosaic imagery to chaotic systems. He also talks about his work designing Studio Artist generated photo mosaics during the Obama 08 campaign for the 'Designing Obama book.

Charis is a big user of the paint synthesizer movie brush feature in Studio Artist for constructing his stunning photo mosaic work.

I'm also very curious to see how he will use the new Stretch2 Source Brush feature in the upcoming Studio Artist 4.03 release after viewing the top illustration he made for the publication RAM depicting a media interconnected businessman. The new Stretch2 Brush Type used in conjunction with a movie brush allows for innovative new kinds of photo mosaic imagery where the individual sub-image elements of the mosaic can twist and flow while following a paint path.