Thursday, February 21, 2013

Studio Artist Art Exhibit Soliciting Your Artwork

Studio Artist user Otto Laske is soliciting Studio Artist generated artwork for an upcoming art exhibit at the Rocky Nest Art Colony in Gloucester, MA. The show will happen in January 2014, but Otto needs artists to submit samples of their artwork for consideration for the show relatively soon.

Otto is willing to do a lot of the legwork to put together this Studio Artist focused exhibit, including dealing with the details of the printing and framing of the artwork locally for the show. So my understanding is that artists just need to submit digital files of their Studio Artist generated artwork to be used in the exhibit.

Otto invites artists to submit Studio Artist images of photographic quality, picking them for 'photographic clarity'.  Here are some guidelines for artist's submissions.

5 work samples (jpgs) up to ½ mb each, 300 dpi, 4x6 inches (1800 x 1200 pixels), landscape or portrait

Naming convention for files (using underscore): First_lastname_ number_title_size_in_inches.jpg, for example: Ann_Howard_2_Enchantment_18x24.jpg

An artist statement indicating what you aim to achieve in your artistic work

If existing, a link to animations on which your stills, directly or indirectly, are based.

It's really great that Otto is willing to put in all the the work and effort needed to pull this Studio Artist specific art exhibit together. I hope that the Studio Artist user community will rise to the challenge and submit some great examples of their Studio Artist generated artwork for consideration for exhibit in the show.

Otto can be contacted directly at
His web site is at


John Dalton said...

Otto has posted some additional information on the show at

SFsthetik said...

This sounds like a great opportunity - thanks John!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Dalton

Season's Greetings

Do you have an alternate email for Otto ?

Tried emailing him thru his website but just gets bounced back.

Much appreciated

All the best


John Dalton said...

Rolf, you can contact Otto at the Studio Artist User Forum. Join and then you can send him member email. Or post something on his user wall comment section.

John Dalton said...

Here's the link for the Studio Artist User Forum