Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Expand Your Photographic Horizons with Slit Scan Imagery

Wired magazine recently ran an article featuring a photographer who was trying to expand his horizons by lugging a desktop scanner underwater to capture slit scan imagery. As soon as i read the article, i realized that Studio Artist gives you the ability to do what this person is doing without the intensive requirements associated with lugging a desktop scanner around with you to generate slit scan images. You can do everything this photographer is doing and more just by using Studio Artist in conjunction with a portable digital video camera.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Creating Hand Drawn Animation in Studio Artist

Award winning animator Sharon Katz has been a Studio Artist user and beta tester for many years. She recently completed a 4 part series of tutorials and product reviews associated with learning the basics of animating on your own. Her most recent tutorial post on 'Teaching Yourself Animation' includes a nice description and review of Studio Artist. It also lays out some of the compelling advantages for adding Studio Artist to your personal arsenal of digital effects tools.

The example animation frame above was totally hand drawn by Sharon in Studio Artist, and is a part of a completed hand animated film totally made within Studio Artist. Sharon has in fact used Studio Artist for all of her award winning animated films except the first 2 she ever made, which were probably done before she was even aware of Studio Artist. And she chooses to use Studio Artist even though she is very familiar with every other option available for digital artists. And she discusses the pros and cons of all of them in her tutorial article.